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Wishing You All A Happy Ramadan Kareem 2012!

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Ramadan kareem 2012
Wishing all my beloved readers a happy month of Ramadan Kareem filled with joy, love and holiness. Ramadan is the month of fasting where we refrain from eating and drinking for the love of God. This month has immense significance in the life of every Muslim and this ninth month of the Islamic Calendar is the holiest of all months. Ramadan gifts us with 5 things which are,

  1. Iftar,
  2. Sehri
  3. Charity,
  4. Laylat al-Qadr and
  5. Eid Ul Fitr.

Message from Mohammad:
"It feels great to greet all my brothers and sisters the third time on this special occasion. Whether it may be any special occasion,  we were always fortunate to share these splendid moments with you all. Thank you for everything and for being a family always. 
I would humbly apologize for being absent from my very own duty due to work load. In order to keep supplying you all with free plugin tutorials and some new SEO guidelines, we have decided to stop accepting services on the month of ramadan and I will make sure I post more frequently to keep you all updated. Stay blessed and happy always. Happy Ramadan kareem 2012 :)"

What is the point of fasting?

Fasting is nothing new or exclusive. As we said, it is known to many religions. Indeed, the concept of fasting goes beyond any one religion. The sole purpose of the practice is to "hold fast" to your conscious, and never let it go. It isn't about keeping oneself hungry or thirsty. It is about learning to control one's desires and emotions, and to fight against such things that might lead a person astray.

It is about patience. Desire leads a man towards wrong, such as desire for money, desire for a better living, desire for more money, and so on. Often in the course of his life, a person following his desires neglects his social duties, and might even resort to vile or criminal behavior in order to see his desires fulfilled. Hence, Ramadan teaches a man to be patient, and to think through his better judgement rather than letting his desires to do the thinking for him.

Fasting also helps people realize the sufferings of the poor and the needy, who virtually are fasting every day of the year in all but name. Once when you put yourself in someone's shoes can you truly understand how they feel. Hence, the rich are more inclined towards helping the poor in this holy month, which is the whole point of humanity.

Hence, you see, fasting isn't about any one religion. It is about humanity. If there was no concept of fasting, people would never understand the problems of the poor, and would increasingly let their desires lead them,

Importance of Ramadan for Muslims

Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic or Lunar Calendar, holds much importance among Muslims, and other people in general. In this month, good deeds are rewarded manifold. And in the odd nights in the last ten days of the month, i.e. 21st, 23rd......29th, there comes a night of peace and blessings and forgiveness. This is the night when the Holy Book, The Holy Quran was revealed to mankind. If someone gets lucky, their sins are washed away and their conscious is reborn.

The onset of Ramadan is determined by the sighting of the moon
The onset of Ramadan is determined by the sighting of the moon. It is expected to be sighted today in our region (inshaAllah), while in the Arab region, it is the first day of this blessed, holy month. But moon or no, Ramadan is upon us. So once again, a very happy Ramadan Kareem to ALL our readers. May God bless us all and enable us to reach Ramadan and end it peacefully, while learning something in the process. May God be with us all! (Ameen) :)
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